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Public readings


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Photograph by Viv Wilson

Further details on John Greening’s Facebook & Twitter pages.

 visit John Greening on Facebook visit John Greening on Twitter

Listen to John Greening reading and talking about war poetry with Ian McMillan on Radio 3’s The Verb:

And here taking part in a discussion on war poetry as part of the Battle of Ideas:



The full 2020 reading schedule was abandoned because of coronavirus, but the following will definitely run this year:

January 11th – via Zoom, launch of a Post Card to (Red Squirrel Press) a collaborative book of sonnets with Stuart Henson

February 4th – via Zoom, a reading for Fire River poets, Taunton

April 8th – Ludlow Song weekend, Premiere of Fallen, Philp Lancaster’s setting of JG’s words

May 13th – reading at Little Gidding with Stuart Henson


Other events in preparation
(watch Twitter and Facebook for further announcements)

May: the launch of Iain Crichton Smith Selected Poems (Carcanet)

July 2nd – Wayneflete Singers premiere choral work by Roderick Williams which sets words by Keats and JG.

Summer: the launch of the anthology Hollow Palaces (Liverpool UP, with Kevin Gardner) and of a new pamphlet, The Giddings (Mica Press)

There are live readings planned in Leeds for the Leeds Library, for CBI Poets, Cambridge, for Buzzwords in Cheltenham and at the Mayfield Music Festival.