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I have stood here before

and still do in a home

movie stored somewhere

up in our bedroom.


Waves approach in lines

from Shakespeare and Keats:

their grey bulks, thins

and sears, then beats


against the harbour –

smearing words

from the greenboard

into chalk novas – 


and cappuccinos

the 4.30 cars

and that couple who’ve seen

a ghost ferry pass


through a channel of mist

where turbine surveillance

keeps turning like lost

reels from old silents.


(‘Kentish’ first appeared in the Times Literary Supplement and is included in To the War Poets, Carcanet, 2013)



New poems can be found online at The Bow-Wow Shop 7: http://www.bowwowshop.org.uk/page8.htm

 and Ink, Sweat & Tears




MAZE, written in 2010, was longlisted for the 2011 Montreal International Poetry Prize: see http://montrealprize.com/