Nightflights - New and Selected Poems  

Rockingham Press, 1998, £ 6.95, ISBN 1-873468-61-X

Sample poems from Nightflights:




Death in Aldeburgh HOOPSHoops


  LISTENING FOR NIGHTINGALESListening for Nightingales  

‘Greening’s most sustained and ambitious undertaking so far, the formal-looking thirty-two section ‘Huntingdonshire Eclogues’... are wonderfully and cumulatively evocative precisely because the gathering of detail, as jackdaw-like as ever, is here so convincingly grounded in an inhabited landscape: Eclogue XI, for example, is an elegy for an eccentric neighbour which at the same time charts the modulations of the local river, from ‘senescent trickle’ to ‘lethal tide’ and back again, and of the season, in a way which Crabbe or Hardy would have perfectly appreciated.’

Neil Powell, Times Literary Supplement


‘Without doubt, Greening is at his best in his poem sequences.  These give him scope for all the variety of tone and technique he enjoys, and for the variety of perspectives too...  It takes time to get into his world, but once there you’ll find it compelling and satisfying, and you’ll read this collection with increasing pleasure.’

Rosie Bailey, Envoi


‘Best of all, however, are Greening’s brief visionary pieces: the lovely ‘Hoops’, one long, carefully rolling sentence, and ‘Holst’, which touched a nerve for me: ‘Marching into prayers at primary school/they used to play a 78 of Mars’.  The whole poem is only 8 lines long, but very powerful... Recommended.’

Martin C. Casey, Orbis