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Public readings


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Photograph by Viv Wilson

Further details on John Greening’s Facebook & Twitter pages.

 visit John Greening on Facebook visit John Greening on Twitter

Listen to John Greening reading and talking about war poetry with Ian McMillan on Radio 3’s The Verb:

And here taking part in a discussion on war poetry as part of the Battle of Ideas:



March 23 launch of The Interpretation of Owls at Armstrong-Browning Library, Baylor University, Texas. See Poetry reading by John Greening | Calendar | Baylor University

April 6th  Reading for Probus, Snooty Tavern, Great Staughton, Cambs.

April 24th  Reading for St Neots Poetry Appreciation Society, at Moot Hall, Priory Centre.

June15-18: Friday afternoon talk on Iain Crichton Smith and R.S.Thomas. Evening: poetry reading from The Interpretation of Owls. 2023 Programme – RS Thomas & ME Eldridge Poetry & Arts Festival (

June 20th  Reading for Kent & Sussex Poetry Society

June/July  Launch of A High Calling tba

Watch Facebook and Twitter for updates.