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Public readings


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Photograph by Viv Wilson

Further details on John Greening’s Facebook & Twitter pages.

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Listen to John Greening reading and talking about war poetry with Ian McMillan on Radio 3’s The Verb:

And here taking part in a discussion on war poetry as part of the Battle of Ideas:



May 1st: Bedford School. John will be reading from recent work at an award ceremony for the school’s English prize.

From the East (Renard) is published on April 8th and there will be a launch around this time.

September 29th:
A talk on U.A.Fanthorpe at the King’s Lynn Festival to coincide with publication of Not My Best Side, JG’s selection for Baylor UP from Fanthorpe’s work.

October 1st:
Music-themed reading in London with Yalda Davis on cello as part of the Music Room series.

October 19th:
Reading in Whittlesey organised by Elisabeth Sennitt Clough.


Launch of A High Calling, a book of essays on poetry from Renard Press.

September 18/19th
2025 John will be talking about John Betjeman and reading some of his own work as part of an event organised by the Betjeman Society in London.

This year (or 2026) will see publication of John’s complete translations of Rilke’s New Poems and a further collection, Crowning.

Watch Facebook and Twitter for updates.