The Tutankhamun Variations  

Bloodaxe Books, 1991, £ 5.95, ISBN 1-85224-107-7

From Tutankhamun Variations: Carter at Swaffham  
  The Winter Journey...  



‘Greening revels in other voices, other speech patterns... The formal control is excellent and the ability to get inside the heads of dead men enviable’

Ian McMillan, Poetry Review


‘In Greening’s historical sequences, the many voices distort the single historical picture and fragment the narrative, but they are an authentic expression of human history as it was experienced by a variety of people, and events as they were seen through different eyes.’ 

Judith Stevens, Swansea Review


‘He succeeds triumphantly with his narrative of polar exploration, The Winter Journey... Greening pulls off the most difficult feat of enlisting the reader’s interest in and sympathy for his characters, and simultaneously making his participant narrator point up the weakness of their Edwardian virtues’

Rodney Pybus, Stand


‘The writing in John Greening’s The Tutankhamun Variations is gorgeous’

Mark Jarman, The Southern Review