W.B. Yeats  

Greenwich Exchange, 2005, £ 9.99, ISBN 1-871551-34-X

Available on-line from Greenwich Exchange (www.greenex.co.uk)

One of the most popular poets of the 20th century, William Butler Yeats has always been considered one of the most difficult too.  The many books about his poetry have tended to veer from the dauntingly academic to the distractingly biographical.  John Greening’s aim in this new study (which will interest students and confirmed Yeatsians alike) is to remind us why we should continue to read ‘W.B.’.  Sharing his enthusiasm for the poet from whom he learned his trade, Greening guides us through all the key poems, explaining what it is in the craftsmanship of Yeats’ verse that is so original and enduring.  Forced to Choose: Yeats the Man